Things we Love About Cleveland

When we moved to Brunswick more than 16 years ago, my brother laughed. He couldn’t believe that we were moving to the “mistake by the lake.”  I just shrugged.  The decision was made, and we were going to make the best of it. After living here for so long, we’ve found that the Cleveland and Akron areas actually have a lot going for them. We’re very happy here, and there are certain things that we positively love about being part of Northeast Ohio.

All Four Seasons

Call us a little crazy, but we like having all four seasons. Hot summers for swimming, leaves changing colors in the fall, cold winters with snow for building forts, and then the springtime that brings fresh growth and a new cycle. We’d rather not get all four seasons in one week, but hey – that’s part of being in Northeast Ohio.

The Weather Doesn’t Stop Us

 It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or if it’s a gray winter day with plenty of snow; Life goes on in Cleveland. The stores are still stocked with food, people still go to work, and the world still rotates. I don't think I've ever seen this region paralyzed by something as trivial as weather - go Cleveland.

Cedar Point

People come from all over the nation to check out the coasters at Cedar Point.  For us, it’s just a one-hour drive to enjoy all the coasters, shows, and of course, the thrills of HalloWeekends.

Activities for the Entire Family

We once lived in New Orleans. When you’ve lived in Mardi Gras central, it’s easy to look at every other city and declare it boring. What we’ve discovered about Northeast Ohio, however, is that there’s actually plenty of things to do. Blow your own glass creations at the Glass Bubble Project downtown, or take a trip to Amish Country for some shopping. The Cleveland Orchestra is amazing, and the Science Museum is top notch. Want some cool ideas for dinners this week?  Take an afternoon to stroll through the West Side Market for unique and amazing dishes.

Loyal Browns Fans

We actually saw the loyalty of Browns fans when we lived in Indianapolis. We had a neighbor who faithfully cheered for the (losing) Browns, even though she literally lived around the corner from the headquarters for the Colts. We’d ask her why she didn’t cheer for a team that actually won games. She’d just smile and say that she was a Browns girl and she’d always root for them. Hope springs eternal in Believeland.

Polite Drivers

Kelly learned how to drive in the suburbs of DC, an area where people see a turn signal in rush hour traffic and hit the gas to prevent you from moving over. We know how polite drivers can make a difference in any rush hour commute. We’ve traveled long distances, and it’s always a relief to get back in Northeast Ohio.  For the most part, when people around here flip on the turn signal to change lanes, some nice person will slow down and let them in.

Peaceful Gatherings

That big parade for the Cavs win was the sixth-largest sports celebration in recorded history, and it was a peaceful one. Even more impressive may be the fact that it was thrown together at the last minute as roughly 1.3 million people flooded into the downtown area. We had the Republican convention without any major problems, and our protests have also managed to stay peaceful. Proof that Cleveland truly is a class act.

Park Systems

From the Metroparks to small community playgrounds, the Greater Cleveland area has plenty of wide open, natural areas for residents to enjoy. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park also has the Scenic Railroad and the towpath. We've spent many pleasant afternoons biking down the trail and then catching the train back.

Friendly People

The South brags about being friendly, but truly, we find that people in this region are very welcoming. Strangers still hold the door for you when entering buildings, people say excuse me in the grocery stores, and a smile will generally be met with another smile. We’ve lived all over the place and we have found this region to be very pleasant. Ultimately, it’s the people here who make us glad that we decided to move to the Cleveland area, and we're looking forward to serving our community for years to come.

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