Making Estate Cleanouts Easy
Losing a loved one is hard, and cleaning out the house afterward presents its own challenges. Each individual keeps things that are special to them, but their families may not have any interest in the particular items. As a result, estate homes are often filled with stuff that’s still usable, but the family members have no interest in them. Here are some tips to help you deal with all that old furniture, the tools, knick knacks, clothing and other household goods that are just taking up space now.

Start with the Family
We always tell our clients that the family members should go through the property first. You never know what will have a special meaning to someone. When my grandmother’s house was being emptied, my cousin just wanted the crystal candy dish off the buffet. She remembered that there was always candy waiting in it – so it was very special to her. Whether it’s furniture that people want or a certain picture, take care of those things first.

How we’re different: If you’re looking for something specific that has not surfaced, we can keep an eye out for it as we empty the property. We’ve been asked to watch out for a box of china (never found, unfortunately), a certain kitchen stool (located), a special lamp (found by the family before the cleanout), and boxes of Christmas ornaments (also located). We’re happy to do this – and we’ll set the items to the side for you.

Do the Sale
Quite often, there are valuables in the home. Those should be sold whenever possible to help offset the costs of cleaning everything out. We work with some wonderful estate sale companies who can assist you with those high-end items.

How we’re different: If we see an item of obvious value, we’re going to ask the family about it before putting it on the truck. Some people call us crazy for doing this. We call it providing service with respect, integrity, and trust.

Two Trucks, Two Trailers, One Smooth Cleanout
Once you’re down to the stuff that’s left behind, we’re ready to come in and handle the cleanout. We’re able to bring two trucks and trailers on estate cleanouts. One is an open, 7x14 dump trailer that all the garbage will go in. This can include damaged furniture from the basement and boxes of old papers that have been collecting dust in the attic. 

The other one is an enclosed 7x14 that we’ll use for the donatable items. We can load up the kitchen ware, clothes, books, and other good items so that they can find new life with another family. We’ll take the donations to a charity thrift store and send you the receipt so that the family will get the write-off.

How we’re different: 
We’ll provide you with a quote ahead of time so that you’ll know what to budget for. We can let you know what total cost will be and then get you on the calendar. By coming in with two vehicles, we’re able to sort as we go and finish the job in a very effective manner while keeping things out of the landfill.

Call us today to schedule your on-site quote or just learn more about our services. We have great reviews because we consistently put our customers first, and we’re looking forward to working with you.
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Estate Cleanouts

Cleaning out an estate home can prove to be stressful and frustrating.  You may not know how to dispose of old appliances, furniture, and electronics, but you can count on us to take care of everything for you.  Here at JDog, we’ll take care of the cleanup while you handle more important things.  

We're here to make it easy
We understand that this is a difficult time. Even when the entire family is in agreement about what needs to be done, everyone is still busy with their own lives and responsibilities. It can take weeks or even months for people to coordinate and get a house cleaned out and ready for market. It's important to remember that a vacant home is still at risk from water leaks, pest intrusion, vandals, and storm damage. Since no one is in the house to catch problems right away, the chance that a small issue will snowball into a major one is great. That's why we offer quick and easy cleanouts.

​We don't want to be the first ones into the home. Call us after the family has had a chance to go through and retrieve the items that they want. If there are items of value that can be sold, then we encourage you to have that estate sale or otherwise move those goods. If you need a referral for someone who may be able to help you with estate sales, we may be able to assist you with that.

Once you're ready for the actual cleanout, we'll take care of it for you. We can do it all at once or make a series of trips so that you have time to sort and get organized in between visits. We always offer free estimates, and we're happy to handle jobs in Medina, Wadsworth, Strongsville, Akron, Cleveland, and beyond - so call JDog first when you require assistance with an estate cleanout.