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Estate cleanouts

Where Does the Stuff Go?

We believe in offering an eco-friendly service, so we do take the time to sort the loads. Items that are still in serviceable condition will be donated to a local charitable organization. Scrap metal is recycled, and other items may be repurposed. Household chemicals, tires, bricks, and other items are properly disposed of in accordance with state and county guidelines. 

Specializing in Junk Hauling

Rather than spending your free time dealing with trips to the dump and charity, let us do it for you. We can fit a lot into one load, so all you have to is point to what's leaving and then let us take care of it for you.

Cleaning out an estate home can prove to be stressful and frustrating.  You may not know how to dispose of old appliances, furniture, and electronics, but you can count on us to take care of everything for you.  Here at JDog, we’ll take care of the cleanup while you take care of more important things.  

Couch Removal and Furniture Disposal is Easy with JDog by Your Side
We can review your needs and answer any questions you have about the process. We’ll treat your home with respect, and we’re fully insured for your protection. After you’ve gone through the property and retrieved the items that you want, we’ll:

  • Provide you with an accurate quote
  • Clear out the remaining items
  • Finish your project promptly

We want to make this time easier on you, so we’ll take care of those difficult cleaning and junk removal tasks. We’re a veteran-owned and –operated company offering competitive rates. We can handle the heavy lifting in Medina, Wadsworth, Strongsville, Akron, Cleveland, and beyond - so call JDog first when you require assistance with an estate cleanout. We’re available by appointment seven days a week, and we’re ready to handle your removal and hauling jobs.
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We aim to deliver five-star service on every project!

A Proper Flag Retirement

Over time, flags can be set aside and forgotten. We frequently find them in garages, usually still attached to the display pole. In some cases, they're in good condition and the families can keep them. Other times, they're torn or stained, and we'll take them away for retirement.

When possible, we fold the flags nicely and turn them over to a local Boy Scout Troop or Cub Scout pack. This provides the boys with a great opportunity to learn about the flag and how to properly retire one. If you're part of a girl scout troop and need an aging flag to retire, just contact us and we'll set one aside for you.

This particular flag was part of an estate cleanout. Due to the overall condition and stains, we opted to retire it ourselves. When retiring a flag, you can cut it into the different elements (Red stripes, white stripes, blue field) or you can retire it whole. (Take note that the blue field should never be cut apart) In this case, we folded it neatly to retire it intact. Before placing the flag on the fire, be sure that you build the flames up a bit so that you can effectively and efficiently retire the flag.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the actual retirement ceremony. You can say a little poem, recite the pledge, sing the national anthem, or just stand quietly nearby. The key is simply that the task is completed with reverence and respect. Once the flag is completely consumed and the ashes have cooled, you can retrieve the grommets and keep them, or you can bury the grommets along with the ashes. If you have a veteran assisting with the ceremony, you may offer the grommets to him or her.

We're proud of our families' service to this country, and we take the time to properly dispose of flags that come to us through jobs. If you have one that needs to be retired, consider offering it to a local BSA troop, contact your American Legion or VFW to see if they can accept your flag for a future retirement ceremony. You can also have your friends gather up their old flags and have your own respectful ceremony now that you know how.