​​Smart Storage Hacks for Every Home
Over the decades, home closets and storage areas have grown steadily larger. Yet we’re still drowning in stuff and struggling to get homes organized. At the same time, there’s a powerful movement to reduce our waste by reusing items where possible. With all of these growing trends in mind – here are a few JDog tips you can use to reuse items around your home while getting things more organized.

An Awesome Vintage Drying Rack
Drying racks don’t have to sit on the floor. If you have the space in your laundry room, you can hang one from the ceiling. All you need is an old ladder that’s been sanded down and painted a pretty color. Mount it parallel to the ceiling and then add in a few little hooks for drying your favorite clothes.

Fun with Tic Tacs
The ½-calorie sweet comes in a nice little box that’s handy for all kinds of things. Stash bobby pins in one to keep them contained. You can also use them for spices so that you can ditch the larger, half-empty containers. When it comes to your crafting zone, they’re perfect for everything from paper clips to ribbon.

Styling Scarves
Put shower rings on a simple wood coat hanger, then thread your scarves through the rings. Accessorizing just got easier and you’ll open up space in the drawers.

Shoe Storage Units Improve Other Areas
When you have a large family and limited storage in the bathroom, make use of the door. A simple shoe organizer only costs a few dollars, but it can be used to corral all types of personal care products. You can also use it in the craft room for supplies, in the kitchen for spices or water bottles, and even in the office.

Small Trash Can Liners at No Cost
If you’re buying those small trash can liners, you can save some dough with this idea. Just cut a circle in the top of a milk jug and use it to store the plastic bags you get from the grocery store. You can also use a plastic coffee can, or even a tissue box. Make one to go in each bathroom so that you’ll never have to search for your bags again.

Into the Rafters
If you have a basement or garage with exposed rafters, then you’ve got some built-in storage just waiting for you. Simply mount a shelf along the bottom of the rafters along one wall, then store items in plastic bins between the rafters. This is a great option for tools you rarely use, craft supplies, and even stashing gifts for the kids.

Better Storage for Spray Bottles
Tired of spray bottles eating up the space under your cabinet? Install a pressure mounted curtain rod right under the sink and hang the bottles from there.

Keep the Picture Frames you Love

Awesome vintage frames don’t have to grace fancy artwork or mirrors. Use a frame around shelving to organize items in the bathroom or show off your favorite small knick-knacks.

Have a great idea for storage? Please share it with us on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear your clever ideas for making better use of the items around your house while bring order to your home. If you want some help with a bigger cleanout, please give us a call.

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