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Winter is the Best Time to Clean Your Attic

We get a lot of calls to clean out attics in the summer, but the winter is actually a better time to bring order back to this chaotic area. Before you decide to wait for the heat of summer to tackle that overhead storage areas, consider the benefits of clearing out that room now while there’s still a chill in the air.

Improve Air Flow to Reduce the Risk of Mold

Attics are out of sight and out of mind, but they still need regular attention. It’s so easy for things to accumulate in this space. They just keep getting shoved to the back and moved deeper into the corners. The next thing you know, it’s filled with stuff that you never use and probably don’t want. In addition to adding unnecessary weight to your rafters, all that stuff is also blocking the flow of air – and that can lead to mold. We routinely find moldy items in attics, and those just have to be thrown away. When you clean out and purge the attic, you’ll allow for greater air movement. Condensation safely dries up, and your risk of mold falls.

Timely Evictions of Furry Invaders

When the cold weather hits, all types of rodents start looking for more comfortable housing. Your attic may seem uninhabitable to you, but it’s ideal for field mice, squirrels, and rats. They’re dry, sheltered from the wind, have some heat drifting up from your living space, and they have plenty of nesting material to choose from. Even the cleanest homes can house rodents, and we find the evidence of this all the time. However, if you clean the attic on a regular basis, then you can catch those infestations and handle them before they get too severe.

Easier Scheduling that Fits Your Busy Life

When it comes to junk hauling, summer is the busiest season. However, it’s also the most difficult season for scheduling attic cleanouts due to the heat. Safety matters, so we typically do attics early in the mornings, or we watch the weather and schedule them for days when the temperatures will be a little cooler. Even then, we’re rotating crew members through the attic to make sure that nobody overheats. When you book in the wintertime, this is not a concern. You can have the job done on a convenient afternoon without worrying that the attic will be like an oven.

Make Some Money

Most attics are full of old items that really are suitable for the trash. This includes broken decorations, dated clothes, and furniture that’s moldy or dry rotted. However, your attic could be housing some treasures. We’ve pulled coin collections, baseball card collections, vintage glassware, and other goodies out of attics. We’ve returned these items to the homeowners, and we hope that they were able to sell them and make a little cash. If your attic may be home to some great old treasures that could be new again, then this is the best time of year to get them down. With the cold weather and long nights, you can use this time to sort them, clean up the goodies, and get them listed through sites like Facebook Marketplace. You just tell us where you want everything, and we’ll happily move it out of the attic for you. While we’re there – we can also haul off the junk.

The summer will return with hot weather, long days, and plenty of chances for doing outdoor work. Take advantage of a slightly slower season now to get your attic in order. You’ll love knowing that the space is under control, and you just might protect your house from rodents and mold in the process.

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