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How Cleaning Out Your House Can Make You Happier

People complain about the gray skies of Cleveland, and the constant lack of sunshine can certainly leave you feeling the winter blahs. You’re forced to spend time inside with the same old décor, furniture, and clutter surrounding you. But you can brighten your spirits by giving your space a little makeover. Don’t worry – there’s no painting or wallpaper removal required. Here are a few things you can do in every room of your home to open up space, improve your area, and start to feel better about being inside.

1. Clean the Bedroom Closets ~
Here at JDog, we firmly believe that those hidden storage areas are every bit as important as your kitchen counters. That’s because opening up space in the enclosed storage spots allows you to easily move stuff around and create more open space on your kitchen counters, coffee table, and bookshelves. Start by going through your bedroom closets to eliminate the clothes that you no longer wear or love.
~ So You (and Your Guests) Can Use the Coat Closet
The foyer closet really only needs to house the coats that you use the most frequently. Take the extra dress coats or thick ski coats and relegate them to the back of your bedroom closet until you actually need them. You’ll be glad you made this change the next time you walk in from a long day and can actually hang up your daily coat in the front closet where you want it.

2. Eliminate Stuff in the Kitchen **
Some people believe that you really cannot have too much storage space in the kitchen. Unfortunately, kitchen stuff seems to be like fish – it grows to match the environment it’s given. Since you’re stuck inside on the weekends anyway, this is a great time to really look at all those appliances and see what you can let go of. Are you still holding on to crockpots that don’t really work and have actually been replaced?  Time for them to go!
While you’re looking at the appliances, give the food a once-over too so you can eliminate expired products. You’ll simplify your cooking and keep your family healthier.
** To Make the Space Feel Larger
The key to making your kitchen look bigger is emptying off the counters. With all that open space going clear to the walls, you’re going to make even a tiny kitchen feel spacious. Put away the instant pot, stash the blender in a cabinet, and make sure that all the food is in your new, clean cabinets. It’s an instant pick-me-up.

3. Clear the Extra Linens <<>>
How much time do you waste digging through linens for the right size or items? Stop the madness by eliminating the unnecessary items. Take the time to sort through those sheets and blankets. A matched set of sheets can be stored inside one of the matching pillowcases so everything will be ready to go when you need it. You can then store the linens together by size.
Let go of sheets and blankets that are stained along with incomplete bedding sets. If it’s been ignored on a shelf for longer than you can remember, then it’s probably time to say farewell to it. You’ll love how easy it is to change the sheets or set up an overnight guest when this space is organized.
<<>> So You Can Help Out the Animal Shelter
If you’re wondering what to do with all those linens – well, that’s the easy part! You can donate those unwanted items to the animal shelter. They’ll use the blankets, sheets, and towels as soft bedding for the pups. Shelters go through a lot of linens as they are torn up by the pups or contaminated by illnesses. If the bedding is still in really good condition but you just don’t need or love it, then consider calling your local homeless shelter. You can also speak with your local church to see if they know any families who are in need of bedding.

4. Rearrange the Furniture ~
As you clear out the unwanted stuff, you can start to try out new furniture arrangements. It gives any room a fresh feel without spending a penny. Don’t be afraid to confiscate a lamp from the den to make the living room more appealing. Move the artwork around, shift the couches, and move your kids’ bed to a different wall.
~ So You Can Breathe Easier
When you move the furniture, you have a prime opportunity to clean really well around it. You can vacuum that carpet that’s usually hidden, wipe down the baseboards, and check any damage. You’ll breathe better with that dust and dirt out, and you’ll truly enjoy the new look.

If you decide that it’s time to eliminate some furniture in your home, or you want help with a larger cleanout, we’re happy to assist you. While you may be able to handle those smaller projects on your own, we’re here to take care of those larger tasks. Cleveland winters can feel like they last forever, but cleaning out your space will help this one leave in record time.

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