Clutter and Depression

Clutter has the power to make you unhappy. It's always around you, reminding you of tasks left half-finished. With so many people staying home right now, it's a mixed bag on the clutter front. On the one hand - you're home to address it and do some purging. On the other hand - you're home more to make a mess and leave the clutter out. Before you decide that it's okay to just live with the stacks and piles, here's a few fun facts you should keep in mind.  

Clutter, Depression, and Anxiety

Clutter leaves your senses constantly overwhelmed. It’s hard to keep your attention where it belongs because you’re always distracted by the mess. You cannot relax physically or mentally, and your anxiety grows along with the piles. It's hard to completely relax when you're constantly surrounded by all the reminders of tasks you still must attend to. As you eliminate the junk and create more open space, you'll find your blood pressure dropping and your mood will go up.

Wasted Money

You spend money to buy the stuff, but then you can't find it when you need it.  Clutter also has a way of damaging your property in a silent and very sneaky way. In the long run, it will eventually cost you more because:

You pay to replace things that have been misplaced.
The piles sit by the walls and block airflow. As a result, moisture builds up, and this can lead to mold and structural damage.
Things fall over causing damage to the things you really cared about.
You never actually use it, but you still feel compelled to keep it, and that can lead to spending a small fortune on organizational items or storage shed fees.

Struggling to Lose Weight?  Look Around

It’s hard to cook a healthy meal when your counters are buried, the kids’ schoolwork is on the table, and the sink is full of dishes. Your energy for whipping up something that’s easy on your waistline goes out the window when you start thinking about the task of cleaning the kitchen. You may decide to just grab the phone and order pizza as a result. not only does this lead to higher caloric intakes, but it also takes a toll on your finances. How many times have you given up on going to the gym or taking a yoga class because you couldn't find your workout shoes or mat? Depression also plays into this vicious circle. You're too depressed to workout, and the lack of movement keeps cortisol levels low and your mood in the gutter. The next time you surrender a workout because you can't find something, try spending 10 minutes tidying up the kitchen or your bedroom. You'll start to feel better and you'll take a step in the right direction.

When you start to eliminate the clutter, you’ll begin feeling better. If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect, then let JDog help. We offer free on-site estimates, and you can always count on us for great service with respect, integrity, and trust. We only hire people we would trust in our own home, and we offer a judgment-free service. So you can call us with confidence knowing that we're here to help and we're looking forward to working with you. We’re a veteran owned and operated company based out of Brunswick. We’ve served our country, and now we’re serving our community. Call us direct at 330.242.3069.



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