Less Stuff, More Love - The Best Gifts for Christmas

Many of us know people who already have everything they need and can buy pretty much whatever they want. Maybe you’re learning from the millennials and trying to make a move away so much "stuff." That can make Christmas shopping tricky. The good news is you can choose great gifts that won’t require storage space or shipping, and we’re not even talking about gift cards. Here’s a few ideas for you.
Go See a Show
It doesn’t have to be a holiday show. Disney on Ice will be in Cleveland in early January, and it can be fun for kids of all ages. Just buy the tickets, put them in a cool envelope, and tuck it into the tree. Check out Playhouse Square to see what events are on the schedule for 2020. You can even include tickets for yourself and make it a group activity.
Book a Concert
The schedule for Blossom is out for 2020, so take a peek and see who your family might enjoy seeing. 2020 will bring Thomas Rhett, Maroon 5, Journey, Doobie Brothers, Alanis Morissette, and the Black Crowes to Cleveland for outdoor concerts. Maybe the person you’re shopping for prefers classical over rock. In that case, check out the amazing Cleveland Orchestra. You can take the Harry Potter fan to one of their special movie-based shows and perhaps instill a new appreciation of classical music.
Monthly Meal
What your aging parents really want from you this Christmas is your time. That’s a hot commodity for working adults who are juggling kids, jobs, extra-curriculars, and the household. Perhaps the best gift you can give your parents is the commitment to join them for a meal once or twice a month. They won’t even care if you’re going to a fancy restaurant, a cheap local place, or just gathering at your home. Print up a calendar, put the dates in your planner, and make the commitment to your parents. It will be their favorite thing under the tree.
The Zoo, Rainforest, Aquarium, Museums
Cleveland has a lot to offer when it comes to the arts. Get the kids an annual membership to the zoo. You’ll only have to go a few times to make it worth it. There’s also the Museum of Art, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of Natural History – the list goes on. Most of them have some type of deal on annual membership, so you can have something fun to do as a family throughout the year.
Babysitting Services
Does your brother or sister have young children at home? Experts recommend regular date nights for couples to maintain their emotional connections, but that’s hard when you’ve got little kids. Babysitting is expensive. Added to the cost of a nice dinner, and it can be nearly impossible for a hard-working couple to go out on the town. But you can bring costs down by offering to babysit. As with the Monthly Meal gift, sit down and write out the details. State what weekends you’re willing to babysit, wrap it up, and put it under the tree. Here at JDog, our kids are older now, but we would have been so thrilled with this type of gift when we had three kids under the age of 6 at home.
Help With A Cleanout
Maybe your parents have been pestering you about cleaning out the basement or helping them with the attic. It’s not that they need you to be the one doing the work, but they may not know whom to call. One option is to explain that you really don’t have the time, energy, or desire to do this grunt work, but you know the right company to call. We help people with all types of cleanouts, and we handle jobs of all sizes. You can promise your parents the gift of a 10- or 20-yard cleanout, and all they'll have to do is point to the junk and let JDog haul it out.
Unlimited Movies
If your family loves going to the movies, then consider the unlimited movie pass from Regal. For less than the cost of two movies per month (per person), your loved ones can go see as many blockbuster hits as they want. Plus it comes with discounts on concessions, and they'll get a free popcorn and soda for their birthday.

Donate to a Charity

The hardest people to shop for can also be the most giving. Consider giving to a charity in your family member's name. Put the details of your gift in a card and tuck it into the tree. On Christmas morning, your loved one can see how their gift for 2019 has helped someone else. What a great way to move away from the commercialism and embraced the spirit of Christmas again.

We already have plenty of stuff in our lives. This Christmas, round out your shopping list with some thoughtful gifts that take up zero space and will allow you to spend more time with the people you love. These will be the best gifts of all. Merry Christmas to you and your family from our JDog team!

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