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The Hidden Dangers in Big Basement Clutter
Basements have many nicknames. In some homes, that subterranean space is lovingly called the black hole, bottomless pit, nightmare room, or simply “downstairs.”  If your basement has turned into a major disaster area that’s full of clutter, then you may already be feeling a little embarrassed to have your friends see it. What you may not realize is that the clutter in your basement can also be a serious hazard. As the clutter builds up, air flow is minimized. The result is an environment that’s ripe for mold, dust, and bugs. It can also hide serious issues like water leaks and even foundation problems.

Moldy Basements
Mold is commonly found in basements. All it needs to survive is organic material and a bit of moisture. It doesn’t even need standing puddles of water. The high humidity levels present in most Northeast Ohio basements will provide most spores with more than enough sustenance. Circulating air normally dries out moisture along walls and personal items, but the air won’t move inside a stack of junk. As the mold spreads and grows in the stack, the spores will go airborne to visit other parts of your home.

Dust Catchers
There’s a reason why some people avoid knick knacks and little decorative items. Otherwise known as dust catchers, keeping them clean is a challenge. Just as the little decorative items in your main living area seem to collect dust, that clutter in your basement is doing the same thing. It’s impossible to effectively clean and dust the piles of stuff, so the dust continues to build up. Indoor air quality drops, and that questionable smell in the basement will continue to grow.

Hide and Seek
It’s hard to know what’s hiding behind those shelves of linens or stacks of old magazines. Cracked basement walls, mold, even rodent infestations can all be hidden by the stacks of old stuff. Out of sight truly is out of mind, so you may not even realize that a problem is brewing in that lower level.

Just as you move your couch and other furnishings regularly to clean behind them, you should also be able to move items in your basement to give it a thorough cleaning occasionally. You’ll improve air quality throughout the home, and you’ll make your basement a more welcoming place. If your basement is just too overwhelming to clean anything, them it may be time to start purging and saying farewell to items that you really don’t need, use, or even want.

What you Need to be Aware of Before Hiring a Junk Hauler
When it’s time to have that old sofa removed or the junk hauled out of your basement, you may think that there’s really nothing to worry about. After all, the old junk is just going to the landfill, so you’re not concerned about it being damaged. However, there are still plenty of things that can (and sometimes do) go wrong. 

 How An Empty House Can Cost You Money
All across the Greater Cleveland and Akron areas, houses are sitting empty. They’re not necessarily abandoned, and most of them aren’t even condemned. Frequently, they’re simply homes that were recently owned by a family member, or it may be that two people have combined households and the other property is sitting empty. Most people recognize that it would be ideal to sell the property or return it to the landlord so that they can stop paying rent, but they don’t always know what to do with the stuff inside.

To Store it or Toss it – How to Make the Decision
Storage sheds are a great solution when you want to reclaim your garage without surrendering your treasures. However, all the stuff you have in the basement or garage probably doesn’t need to go into a paid storage unit. 

The Disturbing Truth About Storage Sheds

While storage sheds are a great way to keep stuff that doesn't fit in your home, there are some items that should not be left in these units.

How to Reclaim the Forgotten Storage Areas in Your Home 
It’s so peaceful to have a nice, clean house. Unfortunately, getting there can be a major challenge for busy families.  (march 15, 2017)

Best way to get rid of an old swingset 
It’s easy to tell when a swingset is falling apart. You’ll notice it swaying more when the kids are playing on it, or the top beams may start taking on a noticeable bend when the little ones are using it. . When your swingset reaches this point, it really cannot be sold or given away – it should be disposed of.

Out of the Basement and Attic!
As you look around your home for more storage, the most obvious spots are the basement and the attic. You’re probably not using the attic for extra living space, and the basement has all those handy corners where you can stack bins and store the holiday decorations.

Fun Ways to Creep Up Your House for Halloween

It may be August, but Halloween is already creeping into stores. This slow invasion of zombies and witches isn’t a bad thing as it reminds you that the seasons are changing and you may want to shift gears yourself. Here are some cool ideas for your yard!

Get Organized in the New Year

It’s a new year, the Cleveland weather is typical for January, and that makes it a great time to start organizing the house. The great thing about getting organized JDog style is that you don’t necessarily have to go out and spend a lot of money.  

Get Ready for the Influx of Christmas Gifts

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a great time to declutter your home. When you eliminate the things you no longer really use or want, you'll have more open space for the new treasures that are on their way.

The Joy of Finding Lost Treasures 
We were called for an estimate on cleaning out the basement and garage of an estate home. The main house was very tidy, so we weren’t quite sure what to expect when the woman led us to the basement.  we should keep an eye out for.

What You Need to Know About Hoarding
When it comes to those hoarding shows, there are typically two responses. Some people will watch the program with growing shock and horror. They wonder how people can live that way. Perhaps they feel sorry for the people on the screen, and maybe they just feel frustrated as they watch the wheels of progress turn at a snail’s pace.

How to Tell Between a Collection and a Hoard
 Many people enjoy collecting items, and you’ve probably seen hoarding shows where the property owner claims that it’s not a hoard, it’s a collection. It’s certainly true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but how do you really tell the difference between collecting and hoarding? (April 2017)

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Caves Vs. Basements: How to Improve Your Space

If your basement feels more like a cave, then it's time to make a few changes that will bring it into the light.

Getting What You Pay For: Beware of Cheap Contractors
Hiring people to come work in your home can be nerve wracking. You want to be sure that they do a great job, but you also don’t want to overpay. Finding that balance between quality and value can feel like walking a tightrope. 

That Major Mess Can be a Simple Job 

As you’re standing in a home and looking around at a major mess, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. When my dad died, we immediately rented a dumpster and had it dropped in the front yard. The family worked together to fill that dumpster within two days, then we felt discouraged at the lack of progress....

How to Make Your Move Easier

The housing market is heating up again, and people are on the move. Whether you’re downsizing or moving up in the neighborhood, getting ready to relocate can be stressful. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the to-do lists, but there are steps you can take to make your move simpler.

What Goes Down... Must Come Up

Be careful about putting heavy, large, and bulky items in the basement because they will eventually have to come out.

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