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Respect, Integrity, and Trust

We believe in treating people with respect - this includes our crew members, customers, our customers' family and friends, and random people we meet as we go through our day. We will treat your pets with respect - in fact, we're likely to ask if we can pet your dogs.  Finally - we'll treat your property with respect. 

Integrity is doing the right thing - even when no one is looking. If we know that there's a better, easier way for you to handle a task - we'll share that information with you. If we're able to slide a job's price down because it was easier than we expected - then we'll do that for you. It's all part of our commitment to delivering impressive service at all times.

Trust - Such a small word carrying so much weight. We could sit here and tell you that we're trustworthy - but what does that really mean?  However - we'll put it to you this way.

We would trust every person we employ to enter our *own* home unattended. We would trust every employee with our own children and pets. We trust them to act on our behalf when out on jobs - and we trust them to collect payments in full and bring them back to us.  If we ever feel like we can no longer trust an individual in our employ... well.... we would not keep that person on staff. 

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We Offer a Judgment-Free Zone

If you've held off on calling for services because you're embarrassed, please rest assured that we're not here to judge you. In fact, we've been in your shoes. It's not easy growing up with a hoarder and having to deal with the aftermath, but part of the reason we started this business is so that we could help people who are ready for the next step. Put the embarrassment aside. Give us a call to see how we can assist you.